Strategic Coordination for AUM Growth: The Power of Timing

Thesis aX * Y = k X = Number of users on Mudrex Y = Average AUM invested We want to maximize X*Y (our total AUM). We want to increase the number of users and we want to increase the amount a user invests. Maximizing both X and Y at all points of time might not be possible. Sometimes, you can do none, sometimes you can optimize both, and sometimes you can do both. Like differentiation by parts of an equation, where you differentiate X keeping Y constant and then differentiate Y keeping X constant, balancing what we are optimizing matters.

Players need to adopt different roles, and different responsibilities to make our strategy work. At the same time, timing our strategy matters even more. Limit = limit + 1 If limit < 10: Allow access Is different then, If limit < 10: Allow access Limit = limit + 1

Ordering of the same statements produces different results. Similarly, we need to coordinate as a team, play as a team, and run functions in sync in a timely manner to produce the intended result. If something that was intended to happen on a Monday happens on a Tuesday, your effort-to-output ratios are not going to be the same. To further elaborate on the importance of timing, certain tasks are one-time opportunities and cannot be repeated, and failing them to align does not offer you a second chance. And the magic of timing is such, that sometimes even with some imperfections, you get the perfect result.

Out of balance, out of breath, still times it perfectly.


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