The Top Coin Sets Of January And February 2022

Top Coin Sets

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be tricky for first-time users for reasons such as the volatility and choice of coins. And so most of the users find it challenging to decide on which crypto to invest in and how to sustain in the market. Some people invest in untrustworthy shit coins, thereby losing their money. And so, most of the people started their crypto journeys by investing in Mudrex’s Coin Sets. Let’s learn more about it in this article. 

What are Mudrex’s Coin Sets?

Mudrex Coin Sets are baskets of crypto tokens that are based on an idea or theme. These tokens help users to generate good returns in the long run. How do these work? These crypto baskets are automatically managed and rebalanced periodically by Mudrex’s experts to ensure that they are improved along with the market changes. The tokens in these crypto baskets diversify your investment rather than buying individual crypto tokens. How to invest in crypto baskets? Mudrex is an easy-to-use platform. You can start your journey by creating an account, connecting it with an exchange, and choosing the crypto basket to invest in. It is as simple as it is. Now that you know what coin sets are, here are the top coin sets of January and what to invest in February.

Top Coin Sets of January 

January was a rough month, witnessing a significant crash due to various factors. In such times, investing in coin sets was a good alternative rather than investing in only one crypto. Here are the top coin sets that have performed well in January, sustaining the volatility of the hard times. 

Crypto Blue Chip

The coin set consists of the top crypto coins weighted by market cap. It offers steady, long-term returns, a safer bet in the market with having the best crypto to invest in, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, and Solana in this bag. These coins are picked and weighed per their caps to ensure maximum stability. 


Since NFTs are gaining prominence these days, people are showing broad interest in them. Many celebrities are also endorsing this new concept which is likely to showcase a promising future. The coin set brings you the top 6 handpicked NFT tokens that are on-demand in the market and will diversify money invested in this coin set into equal proportions to stabilize the risks. 


Metaverse is the hyped-up concept after Facebook rebranded its name to Meta. The coin set brings you a curated collection of the top projects on the forefront of building the metaverse. It consists of 8 tokens where the investment is equally split, offering well-balanced and promising long-term prospects. 

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Top Coin Sets to Invest in February

February kicked off with a good start stabilizing the market after dipping in January. Here are the top coin sets to invest in this month for decent returns. These coin sets have the potential to outperform the market for their increasing demand day by day. 

NFT Gaming

Gaming is one field that has constantly attracted many young people and adults towards it. And NFTs are seen as excellent application prospects in gaming, and this coin set brings you handpicked projects in building NFT Gaming. This coin set is suitable for both short-term and long-term investors who are keen on investing in the future of NFT Gaming. 

Smart Contract Platforms 

Smart Contract Platforms see that digitized transactions are executed efficiently and accurately. The coin set is curated with the top smart contracts platforms weighted by their market cap. It offers a stable investment opportunity being less prone to volatility. Here the investment is divided, keeping in mind the platform’s performance in the market. 

New Crypto Stars

Cryptocurrencies are a booming trend everywhere across the world. The coin set consists of the top 10 tokens showcasing the most promising growth in the crypto market. The tokens are weighted depending on the market cap to maintain stability. As crypto firms its roots and expand into the global markets, the tokens will see a great boost in the near future. 

Why Invest In Coin Sets? 

Mudrex Coin Sets will always look to create the most profitable opportunities for its investors. And so, we keep changing coin sets according to the changes in the market caps that might need to be rebalanced and adding or eliminating coins to ensure profitability.

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