Unlocked: Portfolio Insights on Mudrex

You know what really differentiates a successful investor from one who’s not?

No, it’s not that successful investors ‘buy and forget.’ In fact, it’s the opposite. Successful investors are the ones who –

  • Invest after due diligence
  • Stay disciplined and
  • Stay updated on their portfolio

We have already taken care of points 1 and 2 of the equation with features like stories, news, blogs, and SIPs and are now introducing you to the missing piece of the puzzle – Portfolio Insights!

What is Portfolio Insights?

Your portfolio section is no longer a surface-level view of the current value of your portfolio. Instead, it’s a goldmine of information showing potential threats and opportunities with your investments. We’ve overhauled it to give you a detailed breakdown of all your investments on Mudrex.

This feature gives you valuable insights into:

1. Your Portfolio Vs. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a great benchmark for the performance of the overall cryptocurrency market. This section shows you how your portfolio has performed compared to Bitcoin over a specific period. So run to this section now and tell us if your portfolio has outperformed Bitcoin!

2. Asset Distribution

This section highlights how you’ve distributed your investment among the assets in your portfolio. A diverse portfolio of relatively stable assets with a bit of high-risk, high-reward assets based on your risk appetite makes for a perfect distribution.  This section highlights if you are overexposed/underexposed to a particular asset.

3. Market Cap Distribution

This section shows your capital distribution among large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap cryptos. Investors with a larger risk appetite tend to gravitate towards small-cap tokens and vice versa for smaller risk appetites.

4. Sector-Wise Distribution

Are you banking on the boom of the hottest and latest trends in the cryptocurrency market? This section tells you your investment distribution across sectors so that you never miss an opportunity.

5. Portfolio-Relevant News

The cryptocurrency market never sleeps, and there is always something to catch up on. By showing you portfolio-relevant news in this section, we ensure you are updated with the information that matters to you the most.

This is just the beginning of a very powerful feature that could literally be your investment compass. In the future, we plan to supercharge your portfolio section with actionable insights you can act upon.


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