Why are we building Mudrex?

Thesis and Vision 

Internet infrastructure has been relentlessly improving over the last 2 decades. These improvements have changed the landscape of how the world operates and unlocked tremendous amounts of value. As this infrastructure improves, more and more goods, services, and value creation will move to the internet. Web3 and Blockchain are fundamental, internet native; re-think on how value gets accounted for, captured by individuals, and transferred over the internet. This technological change will make value transfer, aka ‘financial service,’ more efficient and accessible worldwide. This improvement in efficiency and accessibility will drive more and more financial services to crypto. This increase in access and affordability will move the world towards financial freedom and unlock a tremendous amount of human potential most of which stays wasted today running after food, clothing, and shelter. Our vision at Mudrex is to help make the world financially accessible, and we believe that crypto will be an enabler to help us do this. This is why we are building Mudrex… that’s the 20-year plan.


Mudrex is on a mission to make ‘financial services accessible to the masses’ through crypto. We will do this by –

  1. Building core Tech that connects CeFi and DeFi.
  2. Structuring this tech into simple, user-friendly, and inexpensive products.
  3. Building distribution channels across direct-to-retail, institution, and partner channels.

As technology scales up, creators will build multiple protocol products in the crypto world that solve for 5 ‘types’ of financial services – Wealth – Savings – Insurance – Credit – Payments

We started building infrastructure and focused on solving ‘Wealth’ by creating Coin Sets. We launched our ‘savings’ product Vault, which helps users earn at low risk. Now we focus on building scalable, high-margin distribution while we improve product conversions and user journeys.

That’s it for now.. look forward to sharing more next time!

PS: 31st Oct 2008 marked the 14th year since the Bitcoin white paper came out. If there was a bible for crypto.. this is it. For folks who haven’t read it yet, I highly encourage going through it https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf. It changed my world.

I hope it does some good for you as well .. 🙂 Cheers


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