How to Use Mudrex Earn: Earn Additional Returns On Your Crypto Holdings

At Mudrex, we’re constantly working on improving your crypto investing experience. Our latest innovation is all about making your crypto generate returns for you, even when the market is quiet. We are super excited to unveil our brand new feature: Mudrex Earn!

Mudrex Earn allows you to earn crypto rewards using your coins in your Mudrex Wallet. Here’s how You can do this:

  1. On your Mudrex App, head over to the Coins section, where you can find the Earn option.
  2. Upon choosing the option, you can find a list of Coins/tokens where you can subscribe to Earn and generate additional returns. We will also be adding more Coins in the future to this growing list.

3. Choose your desired coin from the list and tap on Subscribe to Earn to proceed. Keep in mind that you must be holding the token in your portfolio to earn returns on it.

3. Enter the desired amount and click on Subscribe.

4. Your Earn subscription is confirmed. Tap Done to return to your Coins portfolio.

Why Should You Subscribe to Earn?

  • Earn Rewards: Receive an annual percentage return on your crypto, earning interest without selling your holdings.
  • Flexible Staking: Unlike other platforms, Mudrex offers ZERO lock-in periods. This means your crypto remains completely liquid, and you can access it anytime you need it.
  • Simple & Secure: Staking on Mudrex is easy to set up and requires minimal effort. Plus, your crypto remains secure within your Mudrex account.

P.S. Mudrex Earn is completely free to use. You do not have to pay fees to subscribe to Earn.


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