Mudrex is Delisting DREP, MOB and PNT on April 2nd 2024, Know More!

At Mudrex, our commitment is to provide a secure and dynamic investment platform, tailored to the highest of standards. In line with this commitment, we regularly evaluate all offerings on our platform.

During our latest review, we assessed a range of factors for the Coins we offer, including:

  • The asset’s trading volume and liquidity
  • The stability of the network or smart contract
  • Responsiveness to Mudrex’s periodic due diligence
  • Any evidence of unethical, fraudulent conduct, or negligence
  • The overall contribution of the asset to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

After a thorough analysis and consideration, we have made the difficult decision to delist the following coins, as they no longer align with our stringent standards:

  • Drep (DREP)
  • MobileCoin (MOB)
  • pNetwork (PNT)

The delisting will take effect on 2nd April 2024, at 15:00 (IST).

We would like to inform you that, post this date, these protocols will be implemented:

  • Trading of these coins will no longer be supported on Mudrex.
  • Any Coin Sets containing these Coins will be rebalanced to exclude them
  • Any holdings of these Coins will be automatically sold at the prevailing market price

This step is in line with our commitment to ensuring that your investment aligns with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

You may choose to sell your holdings of these coins on the platform or transfer them to an external wallet. Purchase or transfer of these assets will not be possible following their delisting. We request that you take the necessary action prior to the delisting date.

We understand that this decision may impact your trading strategy, and we are here to assist you through this transition. Our support team is available for any queries or guidance you may require in managing your assets during this period.

We appreciate your understanding and continued trust in Mudrex as we strive to offer a secure, compliant, and robust trading platform.

Best regards,

The Mudrex Team


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