Mudrex Product Update: Enhanced Security for Crypto Withdrawals via Video KYC

Mudrex Product Update: Enhanced Security for Crypto Withdrawals via Video KYC

Mudrex is committed to making your crypto journey seamless and secure. Our new Video KYC process is designed to streamline crypto withdrawals while maintaining the highest security standards.

This new process replaces the previous Enhanced Due Diligence Form with a streamlined video verification process, making withdrawals quicker and more secure.

Here’s a video explaining how this process works:

How does the Video KYC Process Work?

You only need a short video to confirm your identity when you withdraw money. Here’s how it works:

  1. Before you go ahead with your cryptocurrency withdrawal, ensure that you have your PAN card in hand.
  2. Once you begin the withdrawal process, you will be prompted to record a short video of yourself.
  1. Follow on-screen instructions.
  1. Submit the video for review.

Upon successful verification, our team will promptly process your withdrawal.

We encourage you to update your Mudrex app and experience the improved withdrawal process firsthand. As always, our customer support team can assist you with any questions.

With the Video KYC process, Mudrex brings to you:

  • Faster verification: Enjoy a quicker and more streamlined verification process.
  • Enhanced security: Better protection for your Crypto holdings from unauthorized access.
  • Improved user experience: Experience a seamless withdrawal process with minimal interruptions.

With the introduction of our new Video KYC, we’re confident that your experience on Mudrex will be even more seamless and secure. 

We are sure this new update with make it much more convenient for you to withdraw your crypto. Your security and satisfaction remain at the heart of everything we do at Mudrex.


1. What is the Enhanced Due Diligence Form for crypto withdrawals?

The Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Form was previously a step in the Mudrex withdrawal process. It required you to provide additional documentation to verify your identity. The new Video KYC process has replaced the EDD form, streamlining withdrawals.

2. How to record a video for Mudrex withdrawal KYC?

Recording a video for Mudrex withdrawal KYC is simple! Just ensure that you have your PAN card in hand before you start. When you initiate a withdrawal, you’ll be prompted to record a short video of yourself following on-screen instructions. Ensure good lighting and clear audio for smooth verification. Our step-by-step guide can help you with the process.

3. Why did Mudrex update the withdrawal process?

Mudrex updated the withdrawal process to enhance security, speed up verification, and improve the overall user experience. The Video KYC process is a more efficient and reliable way to protect your crypto assets while making withdrawals faster and easier.


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