The interest in cryptocurrencies has been on the rise. But what is grabbing the interest of traders? Traders are constantly looking for ways to invest in cryptocurrencies and be a part of the consistent profit rush. 

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Yet, entering the crypto market can be quite a challenge for new traders who are no experts. The high complexity of the trading processes of cryptocurrencies remains a barrier to entry for potential investors and traders. This is why crypto asset management platforms play an important role. 

What Is Crypto Asset Management?

Crypto asset management refers to the exercise of storing and managing diverse crypto holdings in a consolidated manner. You can use asset management platforms like Blox, Binance, Coinbase, etc., to access all your crypto investments in a single place — this reduces the hassle of managing multiple portfolios.

Crypto asset management platforms are on the rise and contribute to making the crypto market accessible to a broader audience. Many other crypto asset management tools enable buying, trading, accounting, and spending of cryptocurrencies. 

Best Strategies to Manage Your Crypto Assets

Control and protection are vital to managing your crypto assets. Here are a few strategies to protect and manage your crypto assets. 

1. Protect your device

Cryptocurrencies are stored in devices, so it is essential to secure your device with software like firewalls or antivirus. You can also make the most operating systems known for their security capability on your personal computer. Ensure that the operating system you use guarantees internet anonymity when browsing to keep your personal information safe. 

2. Hardware essentials

Hardware wallets are another great security option for your digital currencies. The wallets are portable physical devices that store your cryptocurrencies. They can also store multiple cryptocurrencies, thereby eliminating the limitation of accommodating only specific asset types. Many hardware wallets in the crypto market provide complete protection of your digital currencies together with private keys

3. Beware of phishing emails

Phishing incidents occur when malicious attackers send emails in the form of a legitimate company. Such emails are appealing to the eyes because of the rewards it promises. When a user shares details like passwords and usernames on the emails, that information is then misused to gain access to their digital assets. Therefore, in the event that you come across such messages, you should avoid clicking on them. 

4. Avoid using public WiFi

Hackers can gather the data like usernames, passwords, email IDs, etc., transmitted through public WiFi. This raises security concerns, especially if you are accessing your exchange or wallet over public WiFi. You should rather use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to add privacy and security to private as well as public networks. VPN will help protect all your sensitive data. 

5. Keep away from pumps and dumps

Pump and dump is a tactic used by influencers to encourage many traders to buy cryptocurrencies at the same time. When this happens, the price of cryptocurrencies increases greatly and allows those influencers to dump all the traders who are buying at a higher price. This is an illegal tactic in crypto markets, and therefore, you need to stay away to keep your crypto assets safe. 

Tips for Crypto Portfolio Management 

Your investment strategy is the guiding factor in your portfolio. It encompasses your particular expectations regarding the assets and coins to include in your portfolio. Here are a few pointers to help you determine and understand whether the cryptocurrency you wish to buy will add value to the portfolio. 

1. Analyze

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market, and each one is comparatively different from the others. You need to do a thorough analysis before you invest your money and add it to your crypto portfolio. You can learn about previous actions and data to get a sense of future behavior. You should, therefore, make an analysis of the cryptocurrency based on the trading volume, scalability, etc. 

2. Allocate

The key idea behind the allocation of the portfolio is to maximize the investment of cryptocurrency you are interested in. For example, if you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, you would allocate a higher percentage towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Another method to allocate your cryptocurrencies is by rebalancing your holdings. You choose several cryptocurrencies you want and then set a monthly allocation percentage. 

3. Diversify 

A diversified cryptocurrency portfolio includes investing your money across many stable cryptocurrencies. A diversified portfolio that consists of crypto and traditional assets is the safest choice that can also protect your assets from turbulence in the market.

4. Entry and exit

An important aspect of crypto portfolio management is risk assessment. You need to understand and know when is the right time to enter and exit. Many trading platforms have risk management factors like stop loss and help you make consistent profits.  

Closing Thoughts

Adopting the best security procedures for your crypto assets can go a long way. You can also consider tools that can help reduce investment risks and make crypto asset management more secure and flexible. Before you build your crypto portfolio, you should do a thorough analysis of the platforms and cryptocurrencies you wish to choose. 

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