The Mudrex Platform

Intuitive, turing complete visual strategy editor. High performace, horizontally scalable trade execution engine. Level-3 secure multi-currency wallet. Direct access to 1000s of markets across multiple exchanges.

Create Without Code

Use our intuitive, drag-drop based, visual editor along with 100+ indicators, patters and signals to bring your strategies to life.

Backtest and Optimize

Backtest over 1000s of markets across multiple crypto exchanges. Use machine learning to optimize your strategies across 10000s of scenarios.

All Exchanges. One Account

Deposit, withdraw and trade across all exchanges simply by registering with us. No more worring about the safety of your API keys.

Strategy Market

Pick top performing strategies shared by the best traders on the platform to invest. Think your strategy is amazing? Then share your own strategies and earn on them.

Bringing algo to the crypto world

Build your strategies using our feature rich platform without fear of losing your IP.

Your strategy. Your ownership.

Ideas are your most valuable assets and we are committed to protecting your intellectual property and keeping it safe. You will always own your strategies.

Simple UI editor

100s of indicators, candlestick patterns and operators are made available to create highly complex strategies using a stupidly simple UI based strategy creator.

Secure Hosted Wallet

Deposit in our level-3 secure wallet; allocate and dynamically rebalance funds across your strategies and trade directly across all exchanges via a single platform.

Accurate market data

Minute-by-minute market data across multiple exchanges to help you backtest your strategies and optimize them.

Thriving marketplace

Looking for inspirations? Use 100s of free and paid strategies created by the best investors available to you to trade.


24x7 access to forum, documentation, FAQs and support team. Need help in creating a strategy, contact us!

Built by the best

Built by a team of experienced founders, traders, designers and developers. Built on top of the best technologies. Built in partnership with the best projects.

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