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Meet Coin Sets; a Secure way to get diversified exposure to crypto

Theme-based baskets of cryptocurrencies to help you invest systematically and avoid making ad-hoc decisions.

Keep Up With The Market

Invest in emerging projects without the need to always be on the look out.

Risk-adjusted Returns

Optimise risk with a consistent and diversified exposure.

Easy To Invest

Save time in research. It’s easier to evaluate themes than tokens.

Disciplined Investing

Humans, not robots. Get personalised investment assistance.

Avoid Irrational Decision

Emotions often lead to irrational investment decisions, we help you avoid that.

Enabling Systematic Investments

Bitcoin dominance as of 2023 stands at 40% of the total cryptocurrency market.

People invest most of their money in Bitcoin, because it is a comparatively stable and established cryptocurrency. Thanks to its deflationary nature and institutional support.

However, higher upside lies in smaller tokens that are currently undervalued. Coin Sets enable you to identify such investment opportunities and build a diversified portfolio.

Invest. Diversify. Rebalance. Repeat

P.S. This is not to say you shouldn’t invest in Bitcoin. But having all or most of your crypto investments in it may prevent you from leveraging other cryptocurrencies.



And That’s not all

Getting on board the crypto journey on Mudrex comes with a lot more.

Support All Along

We strive to be your partner in the investment journey, and our team is always available for any questions you have.

Detailed Portfolio Insights

Get a comprehensive view of your portfolio to stay updated on your investments.

Instant Invest and Redeem

Always stay in control of your money. Invest in a Coin Set or redeem anytime with no lock-ins or penalty.

Global Fiat On/Off Ramp

We support Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfers from across the globe.

Transparent Fees and Low Minimums

You can start investing with as little as $5.


Thematic baskets of cryptocurrencies for you to invest in the emerging trends.

How to Invest in Coin Sets?

A 3-step guide to unlocking the power of crypto investing


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