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As a trader and investor, you and I are constantly looking for sources that can provide us with trustworthy information and in-depth knowledge.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of noise out there, and finding the right channels to suit your needs is like looking for a needle in a haystack. At Mudrex, we have always focused on adding value to our user’s lives and help them make better trading decisions. Today, I am happy to introduce you to the only 3 channels you will ever need to know everything about crypto and trading!

Mudrex on Twitter: Everything you need to know at the moment

There is a ton of fake news and hype in crypto. Using Twitter, we clear the noise for you. Mudrex’s Twitter account is the place to get simple content about what is is relevant in the crypto market. Follow Mudrex to:

Mudrex on TradingView: Daily Bitcoin and altcoin price analysis

The only daily price analysis you will ever need! We have created a proprietary system based on 28 technical indicators – a mix of oscillators, volume, and moving average indicators. These articles not only go in-depth about what the price might do but also explain the why. We have now done over 100 such daily articles and have been proven right 73% of the time. Do check it out!

Mudrex Blog: In-depth articles on trading and investing

True knowledge can only be built by going deep into a topic so that you not only understand how something works but why it works that way. On the Mudrex Blog, we have written over 100 in-depth articles in our Indicator Masterclass series to help you understand how some of the most popular indicators work and step-by-step guides to using them.

Our blog is also the first place where we post any announcements and product updates. Occasionally we also share testimonials by our traders so that you can get inspired by their success stories.

Mudrex on YouTube: Deep explainer videos about how indicators work and how to use Mudrex! 

We have created world-class tutorial videos explaining indicators and how to use them in depth. We also cover “how-to” videos that walk you through the strategy creation process on Mudrex!

With our daily updating TwitterTradingView, Youtube and Blog, we have tried to cover every kind of content and info you would be looking for! If you feel something is missing or would like something changed, pls free to reply back to this email or to reach out to us at!

FYI: We are always looking for people to help us create better content. In case you are interested in contributing, drop me an email at!


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