Introducing Mudrex Coin Sets — Thematic Crypto Baskets

Since its inception, Mudrex has thrived on providing profitable crypto investment solutions to its users.  A simple process, complete security and extensive customer support helps traders invest with peace of mind and generate consistent returns on Mudrex. With Mudrex Algos, we have helped over 25,000 users invest in automated crypto trading bots. Now, to help users make even better trading decisions, Mudrex is launching Mudrex Coin Sets, baskets of crypto tokens based on different themes. 

What Are Mudrex Coin Sets

Mudrex Coin Sets are baskets of crypto tokens based on a theme. These themes are spread across the cryptocurrency realm, encompassing the top tokens that will help users generate good returns in the long term. These crypto baskets are automatically managed and re-balanced periodically to ensure that they are improved as the market changes. 

When investing in a Coin Set, you are practically investing in the tokens included in the crypto basket. These tokens are purchased as per their ratio in the Coin Set, helping you diversify your investments across a theme rather than buying individual crypto tokens. The percentage will be changed as the Coin Set is rebalanced to ensure you generate the maximum returns.

Which Crypto Baskets Are Available For Investment

To help users invest in an idea they believe in, Mudrex offers multiple themes they can choose from. These baskets have been created after careful consideration to include major ideas across the crypto domain. Users at Mudrex can choose from the following Coin Sets: 

  • Crypto Blue Chip: The tried and tested crypto basket. This basket contains the top 5 tokens per the market cap and includes top cryptos such as BTC, ETH and BNB.
  • New Crypto Stars: Struggling to find reliable information about rising cryptocurrencies? This basket has got you covered. Invest in the 10 most promising tokens weighed by the market cap. And yes, it currently holds Dogecoin!
  • DeFi 10: With this basket, you can invest in the top 10 DeFi tokens as per the market cap. Currently includes tokens such as LUNA, UNI and CAKE.
  • Smart Contract Platforms: Smart contracts are growing exponentially, and so are the platforms that hold them. Invest in the top 7 smart contract platforms by market cap with this bucket, which currently holds ETH, ADA, DOT and more.
  • Web 3.0: Many experts believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance, and this basket helps you invest in the same idea. Invest in the basket of 6 tokens that are changing the way the Internet works, which currently holds LINK, FIL and HNT.
  • Best Exchanges: This basket helps you invest in the top exchanges. Split 50-50 between CeFi and DeFi, you can currently get tokens such as BNB, FTT and UNI in your portfolio with this basket.
  • NFT: NFTs are getting bigger and better as you read this, and there is no doubt that you will hear about them for a long time. The NFT crypto basket contains the 6 most popular NFT marketplaces, including THETA, AXS, and MANA.
  • Raging Bulls: Invest in the top 10 tokens that have shown the most growth in the last month. The basket currently contains AXS, LUNA, FLOW and more.
  • VC 6: Invest in tokens that the big players believe in! This crypto basket contains 6 tokens that VC and hedge funds have invested in. The basket currently includes tokens such as DOT, LUNA, and ROSE.

Mudrex Coin Sets will always look to create the most profitable opportunities for its investors. Therefore, you might see that some Coin Sets might be rebalanced and may have different coins as the market cap changes.

How To Invest In Mudrex Coin Sets

Mudrex has always provided an easy-to-use platform, and you invest in Coin Sets in just a few clicks. 

Here’s how you can start investing with Mudrex:

  1. Create An Account: You can create your Mudrex account with your email or continue with Gmail for one-click login;
  2. Connect An Exchange Wallet: Connect your favourite exchange on Mudrex using API or simply use the Mudrex Wallet;
  3. Choose The Crypto Basket To Invest: Choose your preferred Coin Set, and allocate the desired funds. That’s it! You are now invested in Mudrex Coin Sets!
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Invest In Coin Sets For Free

Mudrex makes automated crypto investments really easy, with automated investment options and high profitability. Users can invest in Coin Sets without paying any fees, only for a limited time!

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