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As of Jul 25, 2024 09:19 AM

1 Wrapped Bitcoin = 64,334.07 USDT

1 WBTC equals 64,334.07 USDT. In the past 24 hours, the value of 1 Wrapped Bitcoin has increased by NaN% when compared to its exchange rate with Tether USDt. Currently, the market capitalization of Wrapped Bitcoin is $9,944,881,703.27, and that of Tether USDt is $114,369,432,648.85.

What is 1 WBTC to USDT today?

The current conversion rate from WBTC to USDT is 64,334.07, The USDT to WBTC conversion rate today is 0.00001554 WBTC. Conversely, this means if you convert 1 USDT, you will receive 0.00001554 WBTC. The WBTC/USDT conversion rate has increased by NaN% in the last 24 hours.








Conversion Table


0.01 WBTC643.34 USDT
0.1 WBTC6,433.407 USDT
1 WBTC64,334.07 USDT
10 WBTC643,340.7 USDT
100 WBTC6,433,407 USDT


0.01 USDT1.554e-7 WBTC
0.1 USDT0.000001554 WBTC
1 USDT0.00001554 WBTC
10 USDT0.0001554 WBTC
100 USDT0.001554 WBTC

WBTC to USDT Last 7 Day Prices

Historical Value of Wrapped Bitcoin

Months1 WBTC to USDT

WBTC Prices in different Currencies

INRWBTC/INR53,85,405.00 INR
JPYWBTC/JPY9,818,665.763 JPY

Market Insights

altWrapped Bitcoin
altTether USDt

Not available

Not available

Not available

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is 1 WBTC to 1 USDT?

The current price of 1 WBTC to USDT is 64334.07 USDT.Mudrex provides you the best WBTC to USDT conversion rates in real-time.

Can I swap WBTC for USDT?

Yes, you can swap WBTC for USDT on Mudrex. Mudrex gives you the best conversion rate & lowest fee for trading WBTC to USDT in India. Here's how you can do it using Mudrex:

How to sell WBTC for USDT?

  1. You can easily sell WBTC to USDT using Mudrex. Mudrex offers you the best exchange rate and the fastest transaction speeds. Here’ how you can sell WBTC to USDT on Mudrex:
  2. 1. Open Mudrex and create an account.
  3. 2. Select Coins> WBTC and choose Sell.
  4. 3. Enter the amount of WBTC and press Confirm. USDT will be credited instantly to your Mudrex wallet.

Is converting WBTC to USDT taxable?

  1. No, converting WBTC to USDT is not taxable. Tax only applies when you are converting from Crypto to Fiat currency or vice versa.

Can I convert WBTC to USDT?

  1. Yes, you can convert WBTC to USDT in just a few clicks using Mudrex; here’s how:
  2. 1. Download and sign up on Mudrex.
  3. 2. Choose Coins> WBTC.
  4. 3. Tap "Sell" and enter the amount you want to convert and Confirm
  5. The USDT will be credited in your Mudrex wallet.

How to buy WBTC with USDT?

  1. You can buy WBTC with USDT via Mudrex in a few clicks. Here’s how:
  2. 1. Download Mudrex and create an account.
  3. 2. Click onCoins > WBTC Buy> One Time
  4. 3. Tap Continue
  5. 4. Input Amount and Press Buy.
  6. Purchased WBTC will be reflected in your Coins portfolio.

Is there a fee to convert WBTC to USDT?

  1. Yes, there is a fee for converting WBTC to USDT. The fee varies depending on the exchange you use. Mudrex offers you the lowest transaction fee in India.

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