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24H Low ₹218.64

24H High ₹239.75

Price of ASR today

The current live price of ASR today is ₹232.04, with a 24-hour trading volume of ₹27,38,09,522.13. Our ASR to INR price is updated in real-time. ASR has seen a decrease of -4.50% in the last 24 hours. With a live market cap of ₹43,69,59,332.85 , the circulating supply is at 1,891,951 ASR coins, with a maximum supply of 10,000,000ASR coins.

AS Roma Fan Token Price History

Date ComparisonAmount Change% Change


7 Days-₹29.76


30 Days-₹109.28


1 Year₹12.65


AS Roma Fan Token Price Information

Price Change (1hr)


Price Change (24hr)


Price Change (7d)


AS Roma Fan Token Market Stats

Market Cap


Fully Diluted Market Cap


24hr Volume



Circulating Supply

1891951 ASR

Total Supply

10000000 ASR

Things to know about AS Roma Fan Token

What is the Token?

AS ROMA FAN TOKEN (ASR) is likely a type of cryptocurrency known as a fan token, designed to provide fans of the AS Roma football club with a tokenized share of influence on club decisions through a voting platform. These tokens are often part of a broader ecosystem that aims to increase fan engagement by offering exclusive rewards, merchandise, and experiences. They are typically built on blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security in the voting and rewards process.


  • Total Supply:

  • AS Roma Fan Token has a max supply of 10 million ASR.

  • Initial allocation:

  • Out of the total token supply of 10 million of ASR, 1,220,010 were initially distributed to club fans via a Fan Token Offering. The remaining tokens are held by AS Roma and can be acquired by participating in community activities and Binance Launchpool, as well as by purchasing directly on exchanges.

  • Purpose of the Coin:

  • The primary purpose is to engage fans by granting them voting rights on club-related decisions and providing access to exclusive content and experiences.

Market Data

As of today 19 June 2024, the price of AS Roma Fan Token is ₹232.04 INR, with a 24-hour trading volume of 2944188.41 USD. The market capitalization for AS Roma Fan Token is 4698487.45USD. The circulating supply is 1891951 AS Roma Fan Token, with the total supply also being 10000000 AS Roma Fan Token.

Token Pros and Cons


  • Fan Engagement:

  • Enhances the fan experience by allowing token holders to participate in club decisions.

  • Exclusive Access:

  • Holders may receive special access to content, merchandise, and experiences.

  • Market Dynamics:

  • Limited supply could potentially increase value over time if demand grows.

  • Transparency:

  • Blockchain technology ensures a transparent and fair voting process.

  • Club Support:

  • Purchasing tokens can be seen as a way to support the club financially.


  • Volatility:

  • Like all cryptocurrencies, fan tokens can be highly volatile.

  • Niche Market:

  • The value is closely tied to the performance and popularity of the sports club.

  • Regulatory Risks:

  • Cryptocurrencies face uncertain regulatory environments across different jurisdictions.

  • Limited Utility:

  • Outside of the club’s ecosystem, the token may have limited use.

  • Market Liquidity:

  • Fan tokens may have lower liquidity compared to major cryptocurrencies.

Why Should You Invest in the Coin?

  • Fan Loyalty:

  • A unique opportunity for fans to deepen their connection with AS Roma.

  • Potential Rewards:

  • Possibility of receiving exclusive rewards that could have monetary or sentimental value.

  • Influence:

  • A chance to influence club decisions can be appealing to dedicated fans

  • Community:

  • Being part of a community of like-minded supporters of AS Roma.

  • Innovative Investment:

  • Early investment in a new form of fan engagement and potential growth as the ecosystem develops.

USP of the Coin

  • Club Affiliation:

  • Direct association with AS Roma sets it apart from general cryptocurrencies.

  • Fan Power:

  • Provides real voting power to influence club-related decisions.

  • Exclusive Ecosystem:

  • Access to a club-centric ecosystem not available to holders of other cryptocurrencies.

Problem the Coin is Solving

  • The ASR token aims to solve the problem of fan disengagement by providing a digital platform for fans to participate in club decisions and feel more connected to the team they support.

Founder and Team Background

  • The AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) was introduced to the market by Socios.com, a platform renowned for launching numerous fan tokens. Socios.com was conceived by its CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in the gaming and sports sectors.

ICO Price

No ICO price information is available for this coin.

Risks Associated in Investing in the Coin

  • Club Performance:

  • The token’s value may be affected by the on-field performance of AS Roma.

  • Adoption Rates:

  • If the fan engagement platform doesn’t achieve widespread adoption, the token’s value could suffer.

  • Competition:

  • Other clubs may issue similar tokens, creating competition.

  • Technological Risks:

  • Potential for bugs or security vulnerabilities in the token’s underlying technology.

  • Economic Factors:

  • Broader economic factors can impact the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Whitepaper Insights

No whitepaper related to the token has been published yet.

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What is the price of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR)?

The current price of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) in INR is ₹232.04 INR.

What is the current ASR market cap?

The current market capitalization of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) is ₹43,69,59,332.85 INR. This value represents the total market value of all coins in circulation, calculated by multiplying the current price of ASR by the number of coins in circulation.

What is the current supply of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR)?

The current supply of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) is 1891951 ASR. This figure represents the total number of coins that have been mined and are currently in circulation.

What is the 24 trading volume of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR)?

The 24-hour trading volume of AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) in INR is ₹27,38,09,522.13. This figure represents the total value of all ASR transactions across various exchanges within the last 24 hours.

How to Buy AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) in India?

To buy AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) via Mudrex, simply sign up and create an account on their platform. Proceed by completing the KYC process to verify your identity. Once verified, deposit funds into your account using the available methods. With your account funded, you're all set to start investing in ASR.

Can I buy AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) with UPI?

Yes, you can buy AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) with UPI on Mudrex, which accepts payments through popular UPI apps like Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay, offering a convenient and quick way to invest.

How to Convert AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) to Indian Rupee (INR)?

To convert AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) to Indian Rupee (INR), you can use our ASR/INR conversion rates in real time.

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