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Crypto SIP: Smart, Simple investing

Start your systematic investment plan in the crypto world today

Why Crypto Sip?

Better dollar-cost averaging over time

Improved risk management

No need to worry about the timing of the investment

Compound your returns over time

Stop worrying about timing the market

Set up automated monthly buy plan, sit back and relax

How to start investing in crypto through sip?

1. Add funds to your Mudrex wallet

2. Select a coin/coinset of your choice

3. Set up a SIP, and done!

Benefits of sip in crypto

Your returns are compounded over time and reinvested

The market conditions do not affect your investment cycle

You don’t need to constantly look out on market trends and research

You sail through market volatility by remaining disciplined and profit over time

Your investment stays immune to speculations

You can start small and build your way up

Lump Sum vs. sip in crypto

If invested in crypto through sip vs lump sum

When you make a lumpsum investment

1. You invest once

2. You need to invest a significant amount of capital to generate decent profits

3. You will need to constantly keep in touch with market trends, global events and the conditions of the market

4. Your profits do not compound over time

5. Your investments are more at risk to volatility

When you set up a SIP

1. You invest a fixed amount periodically

2. You can start small and grow your investment over time periodically

3. You can set up a SIP and forget about it

4. Your profits compound over time and are reinvested

5. Your investments are comparatively safer from market volatility

Sip over years

Consider our Crypto Blue Chip 5 coinset. If you had begun a simply $10 SIP a year back, you would have growth of 18.53%. If you began 4 years back, then your investment would have grown a whopping 237%!